When you are diagnosed with Cancer it is only natural to be afraid, but fear is caused by lack of knowledge and knowledge can be found. The purpose of this website and book is to educate people about Cancer and give them alternatives to traditional methods of treatment.

“You are capable of fighting not only the disease but the fear.”

"Because you have been Diagnosed with Cancer does not mean you are Doomed!"

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4 Reasons Eating Garlic is Good for Cancer Prevention

Many cultures have long used garlic both for cooking and medicine. That’s good news for overall health and lower cancer risk. Here are four reasons to regularly spice up your meals with this root veggie.


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Physical Activity Matters for Cancer Prevention

AICR’s reports find that regular activity reduces risk for 3 cancers – colon, endometrial and breast. Get the latest research on why exercise matters and how you can get more active today.


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Carrot & Apple Soup

This fall soup is full of deep orange carrots and bright red apples, colorful representations of the changing season ahead. Both foods contain cancer-fighting fiber and other potent protective compounds like beta-carotene (carrots) and quercetin (apples). A blender or food processor makes this dish decadent and creamy without a lot of calories.


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"Excited to be working with the author of this amazing book on protocols for a nutritional and holistic approach to beating cancer. There is great information on reducing your cancer risk and potentially preventing cancer, so much amazing information as it takes you step by step towards total healing. Highly recommend!"

                                       - Debbie Hersh

"I would just like to say I am fascinated with this way of looking at cancer. I have prostate cancer and have had the prostate removed with all the consequences. I was never offered a nutritional plan at all. I was offered surgery, hormone treatment and also radiotherapy. I am amazed that not all medical people in the world are not in agreement. If I could go back a year I would have had more choices on reading this book."

                                                -Mike Cairns