Who are we?

At NOCTA Wellness our view is that there is ALREADY sufficient knowledge in the world to address most illnesses. We do not believe the future is about raising monies to develop new synthetic compounds that may ‘cure’; because most of, if not all, the science is already there.

We bring you the research and the science covering a number of factors which, when added together, may well already be enough to increase survival times and even prevent reoccurrence. We believe the real issue is bringing existing research to the attention of all people.

Our Mission

Our mission is not to diagnose, treat, prescribe or offer a cure but rather to “Forward Knowledge” to people so they are able to take more control over their own lives and their own treatment and to make more informed, personal choices about their treatment options

We do this by providing people the information, not just on orthodox treatments, but on complementary and integrative therapies too. We aim to do this in an objective, balanced way, in order to raise their personal odds of survival to levels above the norm, so they fully understand the risks and benefits of Treatment Options and to make their choices...

Latest News

Date, Walnut and Dark Chocolate Cookies (Vegan)

This recipe borrows the natural sweetness of Medjool dates, along with the rich flavors of walnuts and dark chocolate, to craft a delicious, healthy version of this classic cookie. Enjoy this sweet treat with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, pack them into a lunch box any day, or serve them with fresh fruit or sorbet the next time you host dinner guests.

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Puppies and Cancer Prevention

What does puppies have to do with Cancer Prevention Month?

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Can blackened toast and crispy french fries lead to cancer? AICR weighs in

Can burned toast and blackened potatoes lead to cancer? It’s a story making headlines today because of an initiative a UK government agency has taken to highlight a substance found in these products that are a “possible concern” for increased cancer risk.

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Type 2 diabetes among youth doubles over 5 years, troubling for later cancer risk

Among kids, teens and young adults, private insurance claims for type 2 diabetes more than doubled from 2011 to 2015, according to a new paper from an organization that analyzes healthcare costs and insurance. Obesity claims also increased during this same time period.

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The Prism Anti-Cancer Diet Book

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